Alpats Tejas Music Maker
Karwish Dash of Stardust
Music Maker Excelent Playboy
A Touch of White Jazzmin
Hickory Hill Dip It ´N ´Dash
Kar-Wish Star Dust
Busco Whiter Than White
Alpats It´s A Kind Of Magic
Heather van de Spikke
Alpat´s Starr Struck
Seaberry´s Hot T´Molly
Opal´s White Tex
Opal´s Hilary
Hickory Hills Jet Flite
Phil Adores T´is Drizzlin
Sellers Sutton Gaylord
Kar-wish Cindy
Wildwood´s US Crusade
Pepalfas Crystal Adorable
Busco White Rum
Busco Busy Lizzie
Alpats Tejas Music Maker
Fraulein Maria Of Curry
Dolles Cloudy Daytripper
Busco Whiter Than White