Rodokmen Grace Švarcava, * 14.4.2013

Mr. King´s Why Not
Mr. King´s Queen
Busco Whiter Than White
Made in Spain Je-Je-Je
Made in Spain Frente-A-Frente
Wildwood´s Time Will Tell
Never Say Never At Wildwood
Proscenium Snowbiz
Sybray Black Comedy
Buono of Sant ´ Loui
Blanca of Sant´ Loui
Buono of Sant ´ Loui
Mr. King´ s Enny SP
Wildwood´s US Crusade
Pepalfas Crystal Adorable
Busco White Rum
Busco Busy Lizzie
Made in Spain Chinchon
Bianca of Sant Loui
Made in Spain Chinchon
Mr.King Anais